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For many industries, construction and containment tarps for job site are critical, you want products and services that are reliable, durable, and functional.  At Tarps Manufactuing we have you covered! Designed with heavy duty nylon that is the same found as those used in automotive air bags, containment tarps are used for 100% containment of industrial painting, spraying, sandblasting, lead abatement and other construction applications. Use these tarps on bridges, water towers, ship repairs and on any dry-dock, tank and overpass projects. Other projects call for mesh tarps that allow good air flow that  are suitable for construction projects.

Tarps can also be printed and produced on a large scale like the 20'X30' flags such as the one used on Freedom Tower One. 

Similar concepts can be used with temporary concrete walls or straw bales.

We take care to listen to your design ideas and implement them so you have the end product you envisioned.

A Tarp is a Tool...
                  get a good one!

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